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Best Years consists of a group of senior members from our Congregation who are over 50.  The group is also opened to outside guests.


The goal of Best Years is to provide an opportunity for seniors to gather with fellow congregants for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, spiritual refreshment and fun, all of which provide a definite connection to the church and one another. 


Our gatherings come in the form of monthly brunches held at local eating establishments on the first Thursday of the month at 11 am.    A yearly outdoor picnic is held at which time a birthday cake is served to represent all birthdays during the year.   We play games and sing Worship songs and enjoy the great outdoors. In December we hold an annual Christmas party with catered food and fun games.


Calls and cards to shut-ins are encouraged in order to help our brothers and sisters feel they are still a part of the church and Best Years.


Our quarterly newsletter contains Bible quotes, funny quips, recipes, group news and a short spiritual lesson. Anyone is welcome to submit an article, poem or happening, etc.


We welcome newcomers and ideas from the Best Years group.  There is always room for those who feel they would like to take a more hands-on part in that ministry. Feel free to call the number below.

For more information email the church:

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